When you feel let down, the universe automatically looks towards lifting you back up…true that! And that’s how I got introduced to the journey. As the case with almost every other person living in the corporate world, I too was diagnosed with severe stress related gastric problems. With the journey process I got an opportunity to open up to myself, my happiness, grudges, sorrows and made me start paying attention to them. I was deeply moved by the amount of dedication Preethi showed in helping me out. I’ve now completely recovered and it already seems like I’ve come a long way… Thanks a ton Preethi!!

Vijay Kumar Gopalan, Engineer with leading EngCo

My first session of the Journey Process was done by Preethi Gopalarathnam in January this year. It was a very different kind of experience although I have been introduced to various other processes. Most therapies involve releasing emotions and physical/mental scars. But the journey in itself was very powerful in that the emotions and visuals could be felt and acknowledged quickly. What was particularly interesting was the campfire session wherein even the slightest discomfort with a person could be sensed and forgiven. The need to ‘let go’ was very strong in my case and I was able to do it with ease. The underlying LOVE which is the essence of the Universe comes forth strongly.

At the end of the session, I was left with a sweet feeling of love and a sense of recovery after a tumultuous roller coaster ride. Preethi was very caring, patient and highly intuitive which helped me delve deeper into the process. I look forward to more such sessions with her to refresh my life and begin anew with love.

Rekha Murali, Psychologist and Counsellor

“I have to admit that my initial reaction to this entire Journey concept was very questionable as I didn’t have much insight on it. But after talking to Preethi about her new venture, her enthusiasm and conviction made me very interested! I decided to have a go at it and I must say it was a very liberating experience!

Her calm composure and soothing voice helped me reach out to my inner self and reason out with my anxieties and fears. The process helped me to let go of a lot of negativity and helped me to develop the ability to forgive and forget. But the most important aspect for me was that it was a journey to heaven, as I experienced my god, and it was truly a heavenly and soulful feeling! Thanks a ton Preethi for this journey…”

Delysha Dias, Homemaker and mommy of 2!

"The Journey has been a turning point in my life. I was lost and in total despair. The Journey process has changed me for good and has given a new meaning to my life. It has brought me lots of love, positivity and happiness. I am eternally grateful and feel blessed."

Dr. Rachita, Dermatologist (New Delhi)

"Working with Preethi has been a wonderful experience. Preethi has an excellent space at Tat-Twam, full of positive energy to conduct the process. She is very experienced and intuitive. I feel like I am a different and much better person today thanks to her. She is the best thing that has happened to me in recent times."

Deepa Menon, Architect and mother of two!

"The Journey" healing therapy is an awesome experience. I had hormone imbalance for 18 yrs due to which I had multiple fibroids and very painful menstrual cycle. A professional Reiki master myself,  I was not able to heal due to some patterns in my mind. Preethi came to my life as a guiding light. I'm so glad to inform you that I lost weight 2kgs, my cycles are completely corrected, pain has vanished and i am much more evolved as a person! I recommend this therapy for every one. It is a once in a  lifetime experience!

Reshma Gulati , Reiki Master and a Wellness guide

When my doctor recommended me to meet Preethi as a part of holistic healing, I did not know what to expect! I had not read The Journey book. Luckily, I went to her with a clean slate. When i spoke to her she filled me up with hopes and abundant positivity. I placed my complete trust in her and began my JOURNEY. The experience, i must say was extremely rewarding!

Today, I feel much more confident than what I was before. More importantly, the issue that was worrying me got sorted out like a miracle. I feel fully confident to face life as it comes. For me, 'The Journey' is Preethi. She is God sent angel to me in the form of my healer. Loads of Gratitude to you Preethi!

Prashanti, Lawyer working with a Multinational Co

I had known Preethi for quite a while and had always wanted to try "The Journey" experience. But she asked me to first read the book by Brandon Bays and do it only if I felt compelled from within. I happened to be one of the "tough" clients as my session took 4+ hours. Through it all, she exercised immense patience and understanding and helped me navigate to the core of the issues in a gentle, loving, yet firm manner. It was a beautiful experience that was revealing and transformational. Thank you for your help and support.

Rajesh Kamath, Enterprise Solution Architect

Had once heard Preethi speak about emotional healing to someone earlier and that conversation stayed with me, until a point when I was in deep emotional chaos, and to get some clarity about what was going on in my life, I approached her. The session turned out to be an unexpected experience making me realise how we are like an onion:"the more you peel , more layers appear." I was amazed when I came face to face with so many hidden emotions and incidents which, I wouldn't have realised, impacted my life and me as a person.

She very patiently guided me to a deeper level where I  myself unveiled those hidden layers. Coming to terms with these emotions and memories helped me let go of a lot of blockages and I felt I came a step closer to knowing myself better.

Today after months I still feel that my session with Preethi was  a catalyst  leading me to a very happy and calm state that I am in now.

Nikunj Naredi, Designer and Entrepreneur

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