I still remember the day I decided to take a break from my full time work. I was working for a multinational consulting company, fulfilling one of my childhood dreams to work in one. I worked hard, learnt a lot and was happy with how I was growing in my career. On the personal front, I had just become a first time mother and life seemed to be perfect.


The Breakdown

Well, at least from the outside. Inside, I was super stressed. I felt I was constantly juggling – being a working woman, handling the home front, being a mother – and I didn’t think I was doing a great job. So I decided to take a sabbatical and focus on how to bring some balance into my life.

With the extra time at hand, one would think life would have become simpler; but my stress ended up increasing with post partum hormonal swings adding to my cup of woes and I realised I was still struggling. To make matters worse I ended up with beginning stages of gout after my second child’s delivery and to me that was the final straw

my stress ended up increasing with post partum hormonal swings adding to my cup of woes and I realised I was still struggling.

It was around this time that my journey with holistic healing began. I decided to make lifestyle changes to start with. I started eating healthy, watching my weight, exercising, doing yoga and that helped manage the problem. But the problem did not go away. I then stumbled on the book ‘The Journey’ by Brandon Bays and it changed my life.

And then I met Brandon

Brandon developed the Journey method from her personal experience of healing herself naturally from a basket ball sized tumour in her stomach. I found the approach fascinating, particularly that the body has the ability to heal itself and regenerate new cells. I had never thought before about the concept of cellular healing and that it would even be possible for issues – physical or mental or psychological – to be stored as “memories” in the cell receptors.

And then I had personal validation of this concept: I happened to meet a relative with whom I had some longstanding unspoken issues. Instinctively, we opened up, had a heart-felt conversation about what was bothering each of us, and I came away feeling lighter and so much at peace. I came back home and in a few days, I suddenly realised that the gout was no longer bothering me.

Not a happy ever after

Thus began my tryst with the Journey even before I did the course. This then pulled me towards a year-long series of courses. That and 50+ case studies later, I became an accredited Journey practitioner!