Consider this situation in life. You are 5 years old. You are going out with your family and extended family and just when you are about to leave home you break the ketchup bottle on the table. The next thing you know, you get one whack from your frustrated mom who then promptly goes about cleaning the mess hurriedly.

Now the “current you” might totally get your mom’s action and might even empathize with her once you become a parent yourself, but do you think the “5 year old you” would have understood why her mom lost her patience and hit her? No. The child gets very angry, especially if this scene happened in front of others. Now being angry with your mom is unacceptable in most societies and more so in our Indian society! So what happens is that we stuff it inside and that’s how early we learn to repress our feelings in life. Typically, as we grow up, the number of repressed feelings grow too.
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What are emotions?

Emotions are actually chemical components, yes that’s true! The mind perceives a situation in life, and based on each individual’s constitution, experience and beliefs, releases certain chemicals at the cell level in our body as a coping mechanism. This is similar to the adrenalin rush, or the serotonin and oxytocin which are released when we are happy. This cell activity is expressed externally as feelings (e.g. anger, fear, frustration, sadness). Normally, these chemicals are flushed out from the blood stream by our body’s natural elimination mechanisms.
However, when we repress emotion, these chemicals do not get released into the blood stream and instead remain as blockages in the cell. Over time, a group of blocked cells cannot communicate with each other and hence cannot function properly. This is how disease sets in!

Emotions are actually chemical components that, when repressed, are stored in the cells as blockages. Emotions are stored in layers. Feelings like anger, frustration and irritation are more superficial layers and once they are felt and released, we get access to more basic and stronger feelings like helplessness, worthlessness, or not capable of being loved. Even these are emotional layers and can be felt and released.

Cellular Regeneration

However, the good news is that our body has the capacity to regenerate and heal. Every moment, cells die and new cells are formed. A cut in the skin or a sun burn vanishes within 3 weeks because skin cells typically regenerate in 3 weeks. So in effect, we would have a brand new skin in 3 weeks! This happens to all our organs at varying speeds – for example, the eye balls take 2 days to regenerate itself. In fact, a year from now, not a single cell that is there in our body today – be it in our lungs, liver, stomach or pancreas – would be there; we would have a brand new body!

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But then how do you explain any illness in our body for any duration longer than that? Many scientists and doctors have studied this extensively and conducted research experiments on this topic. They have realised that when our cells regenerate, the new cell formed is created as a copy of the old cell. Hence emotional blockages also get copied into the new cells from the old cells!

Cellular Healing using The Journey

So how do we clear these blocks then? That’s where ‘The Journey’ therapy, a powerful guided introspection and creative visualisation process helps you to delve deep into your body’s wisdom. The Journey method helps you access the emotional blockages and the associated memories which are also stored along with the blocked emotions. Once we get access to the emotion, the Journey process allows you to feel and release the emotion holistically. This flushes out the chemicals into the blood stream from the old cells. The next set of new cells no longer have the blockages and are hence healthy cells. You then get access to an intense state of being which is extremely positive and from where forgiveness and letting go is actually possible!


We currently do Journey one on one sessions in Mumbai at Tat-Twam’s healing center in Andheri (East). For clients from other parts of the country or abroad the process can be undertaken by Skype. Do read our FAQs section for more questions or doubts on the process. You can also visit the Testimonials section to read people’s experience from undertaking this healing process.